Auto Tronix
air compressor

PARCO’s Autotronix Cordless Power Air Compressors deliver compressed air at 300 psi — making them extremely handy for inflating tires of a 4×4 sand dune buggy after a particularly scorching run!

But thanks to an integrated manometer that lets you fully control pressure output, the Air Compressor is just as suitable for inflating tires of motorcycles, inflating boats, pumping up recreational accessories such as volleyballs and beach balls, or simply inflating your bicycle tires.

A 7Ah rechargeable battery gives the additional advantage of providing mobile power for charging rechargeable battery gadgets such as cell-phones, cameras, torches, etc. How often have all of us suffered the inconvenience of having these gadgets’ limited built-in power run out when most needed.


  • 300 PSI Compressed air
  • Inflator
  • 7Ah sealed rechargeable lead-acid battery
  • Power on/off control switch
  • 12 volt rechargeable DC power port
  • AC/DC adapter for charging battery
    from AC mains
  • Overload protection
  • Size 218 x 180 x 59 mm
  • 500 mA CE listed AC charger included.